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SO Sugar Scrub - Cranberry Bliss

SO Sugar Scrub - Cranberry Bliss


Introducing our new SO (Shea and Olive) Cranberry Bliss Ultra Soft Sugar Scrub! This is for your sensitive dry skin. Different from a salt scrub, this performs like a gentle buffing thanks to the fine sugar and colloidal oatmeal powder it contains. Use on sensitive skin for a velvety smooth finish. Perfect for the face, mature skin, or after shaving. We don't stop there, we make this with a trio of luxurious butters (Shea, Mango, and Kokum) and infuse it with real Cranberry butter. Add that to the 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our estate and this sugar scrub is sure to keep you SO soft, SO silky, and SO smooth as it exfoliates and nourishes at the same time. Rub it on dry and rinse off, or use it in the shower. Either way, gently massage a small amount onto skin and leave one for a minute or two to absorb and moisturize.

For the ultimate experience, pair with our Cranberry Bliss Body Butter to lock in moisture. The perfect pair for your "everything" shower or anywhere that needs extra attention. Relax and take a moment as you let it absorb and enjoy.


Got tough dry skin? Our Salt Scrub will set you straight! It's just right for hands, legs, feet, knees, elbows - all the rough spots. With our Cranberry Bliss collection you can exfoliate, buff, and butter your way to perfect skin - even in winter. We make it exclusively with Ramona Valley Olive Oil, making it great for gifts and the holidays.

4oz jar or 2oz jar

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