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About our Family

Over a decade ago we moved to Ramona, Ca to start our family.  We both worked on the coast, my husband as a PhD in biomedical science and myself in the tech industry, but we knew that the quiet, spacious country was where we wanted our children to grow up.   Since then, we've grown our family to include 3 boys and a precious little girl.   Watching them run and play in the fresh air has been so rewarding for us.  As our family grew to 6 we looked for our new home. What we found was a beautiful home nestled in an olive grove.  We didn't intend to become farmers, but now we couldn't see ourselves doing anything else.  Nurturing the olive trees and producing the oil as a family is our passion and will become our legacy.  Our family heritage is a blend of two of the most well-known olive oil producing areas - Italy and Spain.   We are so proud to provide the healthy and nutritious benefits to our family and yours.  

Little Lady
Cool Dudes
Snow White and her Dwarves
3 Princes and the Princess

About our Farm


Our boutique EVOO is produced on our single estate in Ramona, California, in small artisan batches. We are family proudly family owned and operated. The 8+ acres grove soaks in the California sun and coastal breezes for an unparalleled sensory experience. It's comprised of over 800 trees of Spanish and Italian varietals, which allows us to bottle pure Italian, pure Spanish, and our smooth blend by splitting our harvest. We harvest each type at the perfect time to balance health and flavor. 

About our Harvest


The Olio Nuevo (new oil) olives are harvested by hand and milled by our family within hours using our onsite facility. This ensures the highest quality and best flavor possible. We harvest each type at the perfect time to balance health and flavor.  We carefully monitor processing timing and temperatures to produce only first cold pressed EVOO with exceptionally high polyphenol counts that are proven to be beneficial for heart health. We want only the best for your family!

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