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Ramona Valley Olive Oil


Specializing in Award Winning and Certified High Polyphenol EVOO

Now Available Locally!

We are so proud to be part of the local famstand and farm store community of Ramona   

You can find us at Sweet Heart Farms, Mini Barn Market, and Golden Eagle Farms  

Check out FarmstandTV for an interactive map!


To Your Health

Nestled in Ramona, California, our single estate olive grove is organically grown and lovingly cared for by hand.  We harvest, mill, and bottle our extra virgin olive oil onsite to ensure the very best in freshness, flavor, and health.   We meticulously monitor our grove to harvest at the perfect time to produce our lab certified High Polyphenol EVOOs.  We are proud to provide one of the highest polyphenol counts around, meaning our oil is also one of the healthiest around -  it's truly medicinal quality

We invite you to elevate your health and enhance your experience.

Fall Harvest '23 was a success and our full line of EVOO's are ready for shipping.

Including our Olio Nuevos and our Garlic Agrumato Style in limited quantities.

We are now also shipping our RVOO Skincare line of soaps and body butters!

Select from our Pure Italian, Pure Spanish, or enjoy the balance of our blend - "Brezza Marina".

Our Oil

Olive oil is well known for its health and nutritional benefits.  From antioxidants to polyphenols, the naturally occurring compounds in extra virgin olive oil have been shown to positively impact bad cholesterol levels, heart health, and even possess anti-inflammatory properties.   We harvest and mill our olives onsite at our orchard to maximize these healthy attributes.  You will be hard pressed to find a healthier EVOO with our freshness and flavor.  Many people begin their day of eating healthy by consuming a tablespoon of olive oil in the morning.  It's proven to show amazing effects on wellness and health when practiced to improve a healthy lifestyle 


We practice Olio Nuevo with our Italian olives, which means "New Harvest", where we harvest the olives while they are still green and just ripened which balances the highest health benefits with delicious flavor.   Our milling process includes processing the olives within 2 hours of picking since our mill is onsite.  We monitor temperatures and specific timing in our procedures to ensure true cold processing and highest retention of polyphenols.   This imparts the truly unique flavor of "Olio Nuevo", which has a bright, strong and bold flavor that can be described as green and bitter or even "spicy".  Our Cocchia RVOO packs a punch and will quickly become your favorite addition to your family's meals.


We also produce our Spanish olives with the same stringent procedures and balance the harvest time to ensure we meet our high standards of health benefits, which we verify with independent lab tests for every harvest.  In our '23 harvest, our Spanish oil was off the charts and is our highest polyphenol "heart healthy" oil.  This oil, Calderón, has a smooth "olivey" aroma and flavor and will make the most amazing dips and dressings.  It still brings the boldness  and pepperiness that you will notice in the back of your throat. 

If you are looking for a delightful mix, try our blend, Brezza Marina for all your culinary adventures.


Our Fall '23 Harvest is bottled and ready to grace your table! 

Pick up your favorite by the bottle or treat yourself to the entire set. 

Introducing our Olio Nuevos, both in Italian and Spanish.  

Garlic Agrumato Style is now available!  

Makes a unique and memorable gift!

By the bottle


Our newest endeavor is our RVOO skincare line.  Olive oil is gentle and moisturizing and full of beneficial elements for our skin.  Made exclusively with our EVOO

Castile and Cranberry Bastille soaps are ready for shipping!  

Gift sets coming soon with soaps and body butters



Our EVOO's make the most delicious and delectable dishes.  From desserts to dressings to side dishes and apps, here are some of our favorites and a few from our cherished customers.

“Tasty, bold, and bright, with a peppery finish.  Artichokes and green grass, this is an excellent olive oil. ”
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