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Duo - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250ml bottles

Duo - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250ml bottles


Pick 2 of our exceptional EVOO's and be ready for any culinary adventure!

Pick any two bottles from our three perfectly crafted premium Exra Virgin Olive Oils.

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Choose any duo from our Premium EVOOs

No. 1 Cocchia, Pure Italian EVOO

No. 2 Brezza Marina, our specialty EVOO blend

No. 3 Calderon, Pure Spanish EVOO

Agrumato Garlic


100% California

First Cold Press

Premium, Single Estate, milled onsite


More about our EVOO's

No. 1 Cocchia

This perfect blend of Italian cultivars brings a bright and bold flavor to your gourmet meals. Flavorful on the tongue and a smooth follow through. A lovely finishing oil for grilled meats, salads, and breads. Pairs well with balsamic vinegar or on it's own as a dipping oil with your favorite focaccia. Named for our family's paternal grandmother to honor our Italian roots.


No. 2 Brezza Marina

This perfectly balanced oil is the best of both worlds. It's a specialty blend of our Italian and Spanish EVOOs. Truly versatile for cooking, finishing, or dipping, it pleases all palates. Named after the unique salty breezes in the Ramona Valley AVA where our grove is located. The AVA is known for award winning wines that benefit from being close to the coast, yet isolated in a valley that produces our fertile climate. The wine is great, but it truly makes for an exceptional olive oil. It's also a reflection of our family's two cultures being perfectly in harmony.


No. 3 Calderon

This perfect blend of Spanish cultivars brings a smooth depth of flavor to your gourmet meals. Mellow on the tongue, with a strong and spicy finish. This makes wonderful fresh dressings and enhances roasted meats and vegetables. Named for our family's maternal grandmother to honor our Spanish roots.

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  • Our Grove

    Our boutique EVOO is produced on our single estate in Ramona, California, in small artisan batches. We are proudly family owned and operated. The 8+ acres grove soaks in the California sun and coastal breezes for an unparalleled sensory